We are essentially these things


1. Financial Collaboration
2. Technical Collaboration
3. Business Development Collaboration

We Are Your Personal Think Tank

We Are The Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur.

BRANDPILOTIS Group is a creative solutions and strategic business consulting firm. We bring a team of individuals and strategic corporate partners together to provide clients with innovative and novel solutions to address today’s ever changing business environment. In addition, we specialize in developing and supporting new and established businesses in the areas of product ideation, business optimization, marketing and sales solutions, technology solutions, strategic planning, market trend analysis, and organizational management. We become your personal think tank.

Our approach utilizes a variety of methodologies to provide creative solutions to highly perplexing and complex problems - all within a constantly evolving business environment. Our belief is that left and right brain thinking is essential in crafting a holistic solution. We team up with the brightest companies and highly talented individuals to accomplish goals that would be impossible to achieve by any one person working on their own.  Indeed, we believe the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Where there is a need and no solution exists we create it from scratch. Our mantra is “We make ideas comes to life.”



You have questions, you have challenges. We have answers, we have solutions. Our full range of products and services are designed to assist you in success, regardless of where you are in your business cycle. From a start up idea to re-engineering of an existing organization to utilize modern communication and production methodologies.


Our SWOT Team conducts a full SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) by fully evaluating the business environment and operations. This multiple phase engagements results in a complete review presentation as well as recommendations and action plans. SWOT analysis requires an on site team and full commitment from the organization - from the highest to the lowest levels.


Our global business collaboration calendar will open doors for your business.

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Our active presence in global business operations decides major success in every steps we take with our contingency action plan.

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