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Our journey has started all the way from 2015 with our meteorite. Once we have gone for trekking & Hiking during our vacation. On fine day we found that we have got a stone like objects around 5 small & medium pieces in numbers with varied shapes that was far different from other stones and once when we picked it. We found its mass was way a head very heavy. That's the START.

Our Meteorite

At the same time we got a magazine publishing an information regarding meteorite and its research. 

We further tested in the normal laboratory, the objects that we found to know it is a meteorite.We further investigated in that area, where in the person conveyed that something with heavy smoke from the sky has fell down the earth. It was with a mass of some ashes. That's the time we came to conclusion that its not an earthly object.

Meteorite Collectors

We decided to sell it with the minimum price among the meteorite collector & researchers to make their research on this object. Currently we keep the object in our collection. An appeal to the experts, kindly guide us with the variety of our meteorite and its characteristics. We are open to share our knowledge on meteorites found globally.


Attraction to a magnet Most meteorites will easily stick to a magnet. Use a good quality magnet to test your specimen. If you do not have one, we offer for sale the same powerful rare earth magnets used in our television series Meteorite Men. Our meteorite hunting kit contains a rare earth magnet and other tools used by professional meteorite hunters. Weight Meteorites are dense, they will feel heavier than ordinary Earth rocks of a similar size. Fusion crust Recently fallen meteorites will have fusion crust on the outside. This is a thin black rind, sometimes shiny, sometimes matte black, which forms while falling meteoroids are super-heated in the atmosphere. Surface features Meteorites, especially irons, often acquire “regmaglypts” (thumbprints) caused when their surface melts during flight. Stone meteorites sometimes display regmaglypts too, but they are typically not as well defined as in irons.


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We have preserved the 5 pieces that was found during our trekking in our collection along with our old coin collection. Contact us for more information about our meteorite.

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