Top Digital Marketing Case Studies from India

Vicks - #TouchOfCare

If our assumptions are correct, then this was when essential decisions were passed regarding the transgender in the supreme court. 

Vicks #Touch Of Care was a campaign emphasizing the adoption of an orphan child by a transgender mother. By breaking the traditional idea of family values, the campaign highlighted that family care goes beyond biological relations and surnames. 

We all know that Vicks has served for decades as mother care. This campaign was adding and supporting Gauri's real-life (transgender mother) & Gayatri (orphan child). The brand tried to set an agenda of family care as the culture of India.

By far, this campaign was the best campaign we have read about Vicks as a brand. 

Adidas - #FanTheFire

We all are aware of Adidas as a brand. But we lack the information about all the Indian Sports being played. It is common sense that if we are not mindful of the sport, it by default proves that we don't know about the athlete.

#FanTheFire concentrated on an Indian athlete, Nichchay Luthra, who wanted to represent India at the Winter Games 2018 in Skating. The campaign had narration by Luthra's mother - who is supposed to be the best fan and follower of Nichchay & his sport. 

Adidas gave a slogan, “The dream is not only yours, but it is ours too!”

Adidas’s initiative was to attract the attention of the Indian audience towards the lesser-known sports in India. 

Tanishq - Mirayah - Celebrate the Colors

Tanishq launched a campaign called 'Celebrate the Colors' to advertise their newly designed jewelry called 'Mirayah.' It focused on women in their 40s.

The campaign had three women celebrating the birthday of another friend turning 40. The birthday celebration became a memorable one as it marked the life experiences, self-independence & beliefs of the women turning 40. 

The campaign was run and implemented soberly and most decently, to depict the situation in the life of the women turning 40.     

IAPC - #LaughAtDeath

The well-known Medulla Communications, IAPC - started with this public awareness campaign. The video went viral on Twitter. 

The campaign brought light to an essential aspect of living in this world with a smile on your face. It spread awareness about end-of-life care that encouraged the laugh at the time of death.  

The video that went viral had all the ill patients performing stand-up comedy on the topic of death for their families. End of Life Care focuses on providing a happy death and comfort patients with death. They were also asked to joke about their death. 

The video was created with the help of well-known stand-up comedians like Kunal Kamra, Kashyap, Vinay Sharma, and Punit Punia.

Coolwinks - #OpenYourEyes

The stereotype of women can't park the vehicle properly is what this campaign tried to focus on. Coolwinks with #OpenYourEyes attempted to break this stereotype from the minds of the humans. 

In the video, three guys were sitting in a cafe when a woman arrived in her vehicle. Guys nod that she will not be able to park in the small leftover space. But the woman proved that she could and urged guys to #OpenYourEyes. 

Bajaj Electricals - #MagicOfLights

The 'Onads Communications' conceptualized it. 

#MagicOfLight was a campaign focusing on the real-life stories of 3 human beings in rural areas. The whole video was an animation video. 

The campaign told us the story of ‘Priya Thakur’ who got a job for herself, ‘Ram Singh’ who united with her daughter, and ‘Meena Prakash’ who lights up the whole village with the help of Bajaj Electricals. 

Surf Excel - #NekiEkIbadat

Surf Excel thought of running a campaign during the Ramzan season by going beyond ‘Daag ache hai.’ ‘NekiEkIbadat’ was conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, Mumbai. 

The idea remained the same. Those who help others, the surf excel, will take care of the stains. The video showed a kid going beyond his capacity to help others and soils his dress. 

We would say that the campaign had the same idea, but the name was a little different and focused on the season. 

OLX - 6 Months Breakup Challenge

We have a habit of keeping things at our home even when we are not utilizing it. The largest online classified ads company, OLX, launched a six months’ breakup challenge campaign where users were asked to break up with the goods lying at home, and not used in the last 6 months. Users had just to put those goods on OLX to sell. 

It is not necessary that every digital marketing strategy must be different. It needs to be effective in the current world. And so did the campaigns we mentioned above.

Each brand has different goals. Accordingly, a campaign is set and ran to get the required results.